Video and Pictures From One of Our Training Events

at The Holiday Inn University Plaza, 1021 Wilkinson Trace, Bowling Green, KY 42103 

Some of the things we covered with Network Members at this meeting …

  • The philosophy behind the success of the WorryFree Retirement®
  • A preview of how being part of the Network will set you apart from all others, including:
  • How to balance your life – “it’s a walk, not a work.”
  • A method that will allow you to use your time and resources more efficiently with more focus
  • Tony’s marketing tools and how he conducts himself in the process and why he seldom ever loses a client
  • An understanding of the long-term vision of the Network and the many tools and ideas in the making
  • The 1-2-4 Success Model and how Dressander/BHC can help you with a marketing plan that’s right for you and your individual needs
  • This is NOT a mentoring program nor a lead generation program…this is a process that is all about transforming the way you work and do business with Savers.

Contact Dressander | BHC at 1-800-201-0224 and speak to a Marketing Consultant to learn more about becoming a member of the WorryFree Network

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