Triad Success Model

Created by mega-producer Tony Walker, The WorryFree Retirement® Network is the first and only program in the industry dedicated to helping Savers worry less about money®.  The result of hard-knocks, trial and error and Tony’s 30 years in the financial trenches, you can avoid all the mistakes Tony made as he has now perfected this proprietary process… and you can take advantage of the finished product today.

FIRST you will learn how to focus your time and talents on Savers. We will teach you how to use the same proprietary tools and concepts that got Tony more focused on this demographic, catapulting him into one of the leading writers of fixed indexed annuities in the country.   

SECOND you will learn Tony’s repeatable and reliable five-step decision-making process that will help you close more business.  The process includes the exclusive WorryFree Retirement® income planning software system.   This is not just a “calculator” but software that includes a data base and the five decision making steps that you can easily learn and share with your clients.

THIRD you will learn how to grow your practice with access to both Tony’s and Dressander|BHC’s marketing and lead generation programs that will put you in front of more qualified prospects. You will have the confidence in knowing that Tony and your marketing organization is there to assist you every step of the way.


“When I witnessed the detail of Tony’s WorryFree Retirement® process, I realized I never had a real system to take my prospects through—every appointment was different.  Since converting my practice over to a WorryFree Retirement® office, my confidence has soared through the roof!  I am closing more business and not wasting any time.”  Ken W 


“By focusing my efforts on helping Savers, I was able to create a simple and repeatable message to use with all my prospects.  Going into my appointments, I now know what worries them most about their finances and how I can help them.  Their needs are clear and I know how I can help them. Nothing could be easier.”   David L 


Listen to David's interview of Tony Walker on 102.9 KARN Radio


Members of The WorryFree Retirement® Network receive these benefits:

    1. Personal coaching from Tony during his exclusive Six-week QuickStart – Tony is the only advisor in the country equipped with a degree in Psychology, completion of the three-year Strategic Coach Program, completion of Brian Tracy’s Focal Point program, as well as countless hours ironing out the details of the foundational branding of the WFR.  The WFR network will totally change the way you conduct your interviews, position annuities in the process and your personal approach to the future of helping Savers.
    2. The opportunity to work and train with the best in the industry. 
    3. Marketing tools and programs from both Tony Walker and Dressander|BHC.
    4. The innovative WorryFree Retirement® income planning software system that is second to none.


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